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A Commons Vision

The land is part of our tangible cultural heritage. Our traditional music and song are part of our intangible cultural heritage. Together they form the bedrock of who we are, shaping our identity into a greater whole that is our common wealth. It is something for everyone to benefit from, rather than the few.

In keeping with this ethic and the Scottish tradition of community engagement, the songs are licensed under the Creative Commons which allows everyone to share them, remix and reuse. That way communities can come together and develop around the sharing of content. And instead of only consuming it, people can remix the content and help create the culture that surrounds us.

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The licences give everyone full permission to use the songs for any non-commercial purpose. Listen to them online, then download them for free or buy the CD, if you like what you hear, then use them e.g.

-  Share with friends on social media and by email

-  Post on blogs and/or websites
-  Use the songs in a Youtube video/music video
-  Include them in an internet radio broadcast  or podcast
-  Use them as a resource in school, college, or university programmes

   e.g. history, politics, literature, traditional arts etc
-  Use in community education programmes – liberal education, literacy

   and youth work
-  Also for active citizenship - campaigns related to social action, land

    reform, and can be used as

-  A sourcebook for artists who wish to dip into the Scottish radical song tradition (though

   normal MCPS rules apply if using for-profit)

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The songs are licensed under a

Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.